120+ 5 Star Reviews

Over the last half decade I've been consulting and coaching clients to help them grow their business. If you are a brand owner and want to see market research case studies click here to see them on my company website, otherwise you can see samples of my reviews below.

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by Santos Alberto Ajayi Mata • May 19, 2022

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120+ 5 Star Reviews


Santos Alberto  Business Strategist & Performance Coach

I'm an Ex-NASA scientist turned business strategist & performance coach with a passion for helping conscious entrepreneurs build their teams & grow their brands.

"[Before the consult] I had some reservations, but knowing you before hand I was like well, why don't you give it a try. [My fear] was just that is it too good to be true? Is it possible to deliver that in just one hour?

[The call] was really powerful...Santos was able to ask some really deep questions...and completely shift my mind...I never saw it that way! ...Now it's a possibility that I can think about and pursue.

[This new possibility] absolutely can [help me make a million dollars in a year.]

And more importantly it feels natural for me to do this.*

Jing C.


I’ve been at this big transition…

Santos gave me actionable steps to move from sporadic $20k a month to consistent $100k+ months…

Santos helps people understand their own entrepreneur profile, and exactly the steps you need to move up the ladder in your business…

He has a very straight forward system…

If you’re an entrepreneur getting to that next level…I would recommend working with him.

Ian M.


"I've read about [this NLP technique] before, and tried to do it ...but it's a lot even for me.

We did it in about 20 minutes...I can fire an anchor now, get into a positive state, and get out of procrastination and really be effective.

I [was procrastinating] somewhere around 45 minutes a day...now I can get inspired and motivated.

[The value of my time is] several thousand dollars an hour when I am doing my high value work.

That's $720k a year [of return on investment]. These are real numbers!"

Barton S.


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